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It's better to have loved and lost

than to never have loved at all

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Love is never easy. It's never clear cut, black and white, right or wrong. Never. Love is complex. Love is hard. Love can hurt. Love can be many things. The whole purpose of this community is to challenge fanfic writers to try and view love in all it's different forms.

The rules are simple.
1. The fic has to be about fictional characters only.
2. Pick which ever pairing your heart desires.
3. Smut or no smut, it's up to you.
4. Choose one of the two prompt tables. Only write one fic per prompt. Don't mix tables. Once you complete one table, feel free to start the other.
5. You may change the tense of the line to better go with the flow of your fic.
6. As of yet I have not started letting people claim pairings since there aren't enough of us. When we get bigger then I'll start to let people claim a couple.
7. All completed tables will recieve a banner.

Click here for Table Prompts

If you have any questions, simply post them here, FAQ, I'll get back to you more than likely within the same day.

Please post all fic's in the following matter:

Subejct Line - Fandom and whether or not it's a one-shot, chaptered or a continuation

Table __ #__:

(lj cut)

If you want to post some fanart, feel free to. The art has to incorporate one of the lines from above though. How you incorporate it is up to you.

Once again, if you have questions please post them at the FAQ.